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This includes you!

“We want absolutely all bodies to be celebrated and idolized, represented and glorified.”
― Megan Jayne Crabbe,

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Its Very Simple

I believe in glorifying all bodies. All of them. Because every single person in the entire world deserves to feel good about and love themselves. It’s that simple.

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About Me


Working with Lordele is amazing. He makes every effort to make you feel comfortable and turn the experience into one filled with fun. I truly feel like I can be myself and have a good laugh with him. His work is phenomenal too. The quality of the photos he takes are superb and I love the fact that they aren't overly retouched. His editing style is also a lot of fun and matches the mood of the photo taken. I would 100% recommend.

Miss K


I would recommend Lordele to anyone! He is very professional & he is fun to shoot with. We had a lot of laughs & he doesn't make you feel uncomfortable. He is open to opinions and Lordele also gives his opinions which I find really helpful if you are a new model or been modelling for a while as it provides you with a different outlook. I guarantee if you work with him you won't be disappointed, I know I wasn't.

Miss P.


Lordele is an unbelievably professional photographer. He makes you feel entirely comfortable while working his magic. I have worked with him on several occasions and he brings a wealth of knowledge and ideas to the table while also bringing my personal recommendations, ideas and preferences to life. I 100% recommend his services to others and I will continue to use him as a photographer.

Miss J